House Renovations during Lockdown!

Janice along with her husband a Paul haven’t been idle during lockdowns.

My Dolls House.

The dolls house was made for me by my father in the late ’70’s.

Many years have past since then, although I have collected many things over the years it is only recently that I have taken a more serious interest in finishing it and installing furniture and fittings etc.

At the start of the lockdown we made an effort to finish the project.

The builders and decorators ( Paul ) commenced the alteration work.

The loft was removed and remodelled so the front could be lifted up rather than the whole roof, a hole was cut in the floor to “ install ” a staircase with hand rails, newel posts and spindles.

With the front removed the windows were improved with extra mouldings and then refitted.

A tiled floor was laid in the kitchen along with shelf units, a surround for the range, and sink unit fitted.

Fireplaces in the rooms were tiled and fitted with hearth’s and grates etc.

The roofs above the porch and bay window were altered to make them more in keeping with the property.

Re-painting the whole house was both tedious and time consuming but the result was well worth the effort making a complete transformation with the colour matching colours of the period.

To complete the job the railings outside the front of the house were removed, new flagstones laid and pointed, finally the railings refitted.

Furniture, carpets and ornaments are now in place, there is still work to be done such as soft furnishings and making my own lace curtains.

That is the story so far !

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