A Poem

Written by our very own poet, Eileen Mann

Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness

I desperately want an excuse to dress

For a W.I. meeting in October

Fat chance of that until the Pandemic is over.

Oh how I want to meet my pals

My super gorgeous WI gals

It’s a reason to bake a cake or two

To share gladly amongst our 52.

We start our meetings

With wine and greetings

(The more wine we consume

the noisier becomes the room)

A quick catchup ,it seems so long

A lively singing of our Jerusalem song.

Get the business out of the way

And who is our Speaker and what will they say?

The topics we cover are varied it’s true

And would be surprising if revealed to a few

Who think we are all old and past it.

Plenty of life in us yet and we can prove it!

As soon as this Covid virus is beaten

It’s back to the Hall our way we’ll be beatin’

It’ll be gals reunited after so much time

Our great Tysoe W.I.waits; ours, yours and mine.

2 thoughts on “A Poem

  1. A response to the poem –
    Although I’m not a member of the Tysoe W I
    I appreciate the work you do come rainy day or dry
    From tea and cakes for Open Gardens &Remembrance poppies in the church,
    For looking after members during lockdown and making masks for NHS
    For the many ways you contribute to our village
    I thank you and applaud your courage

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