Good morning ladies,

I hope that you all are safe and well and have enjoyed the beautiful Easter sunshine, albeit from your back gardens.

Obviously we don’t have anything to report as everything is on hold. As you know Warwick Arts Centre has been cancelled, and I suspect the Walking tour around Oxford on 20th June will be too. I will keep you informed as we go along on any further cancellations.

Liz is keeping records of all refunds that will be due once we return to meetings.

(There won’t be a meeting in May either).

I’m sure we all have sparkling homes, pristine gardens and are up to date on all those jobs we’ve been putting off!

Some of our craft group and members have been busy making laundry bags by the dozens for the NHS, vet practices, care homes etc. Also scrubs, headbands and hearts to give to patients and families.

It’s wonderful to see how our community has pulled together, looking after the vulnerable and lonely, making sure everyone gets food and medicines, decorating the village with teddy bears and rainbows and Easter decorations, dancing in the street every morning at 11.00 (safe distancing), clapping the NHS and key workers on a Thursday evening at 8.00.

We all seem to spend so much more time on the phone or social media keeping in touch with family and friends. Maybe some of these positives will continue when this is all over? Let’s hope so.

Below is a photo of our centenary tree in the churchyard, so pretty.

Take care everyone, and let’s hope it won’t be too long before we can all meet up again.


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