March Newsletter

daffodil fields

Welcome to the March Newsletter. We have not exactly had the most inspiring weather but it is lovely to see the pretty daffodils shooting up everywhere. Spring will definitely be coming – sooner or later!

There is quite a lot of information in this newsletter so perhaps you should make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and make yourself comfortable.

Dee has organised an amazing list of trips and events. As with all trips members will be given priority in booking.  However, we will be giving a cut off date and after that date we will open the event to non members at a higher cost. Unless a trip is specified as members only you can give the name of your husband, partner, friend to Dee who will add them to the reserve list and will confirm availability after the closing date for that particular trip.

If you would like to attend the August Tea we need to know at next Wednesday’s meeting because we need to know numbers in order to book the correct size of bus. Cost of afternoon tea is £15 per head. Party of the bus cost will be subsidised by WI funds so you will be advised of the full cost to members once the bus is booked.

NEC crafts fair – You do not need to be a member of the Craft and Laugh group but we need to book and pay next Wednesday so please contact Dee by email..

Bletchley Park – Dee needs to know on Wednesday evening if you would like to be included on this trip, and payment will also be required then. The cut off date is Wednesday and it will then be open to non members. Cost to member £25 Non members £30.

You have all received the list of trips for the coming year.  If you are interested in attending any of them then please speak to Dee to book your place.  If you will not be there on Wednesday you will need to email her. To make her job easier please put your cheque/money in an envelope with your name and which trip you are booking on the outside of the envelope. Cheques payable to Tysoe WI.  If you want to include a non member please tell Dee when you are booking.

Some members of the committee have been contacted and asked for a lift to WI meetings. At our committee meeting last week we had two of the trustees from Warwickshire Federation attend.  They confirmed that, apart from the fact that committee members need to be at the hall at  least an hour earlier to prepare, we are not insured to drive members. Receiving a lift from a fellow member/friend is different but if we, as committee members, were to start picking up people it would constitute  a WI role, and this is not allowed I’m afraid.

WFWI will be implementing Gift Aid at some point later in the year.  Some WI’s already claim gift aid from members subs but we do not participate.  This is only possible for UK tax payers. Federation will be sending out a gift aid form to every member in the hope that you will participate.  There is no obligation for you to take part but I will explain in more detail on Wednesday evening.

The speaker on Wednesday is Elaine Griffin from Clic Sargent, which is the UK’s leading children’s cancer charity.  The competition will be to make a child’s toy and then donate it to charity.

We look forward to seeing you all Wednesday 4th March at 7.30pm.

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