Getting To Know You

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Following our Resolution Meeting we had a little fun time  with guessing which member “belonged to” which photograph. Some photos were of babies, some were bad hair days, and others were of our older members in their much younger days.

We also had a table showcasing the work of our Craft and Laugh Group.  They are a pretty talented crowd as you will see from the pictures above. The group meet every Wednesday afternoon from 2pm and 4pm in the Village Hall and you are very welcome to join them and maybe learn some new skills, as well as having tea and cakes – and a lot of laughs.  You only have to be there for a short time to know how the name came about!

Eileen devised an amazing questionnaire  which asked all kinds of questions.

Well, as if we didn’t already know, what a talented, experienced, diverse and splendid group of women we are! Thank you to all who answered the “getting to know you ” questionnaire.

Amongst us we have members who have flown planes, paraglided, tobogganed down a 1,500m sand dune, piloted a hovercraft mid channel, abseiled down the side of the Radcliffe Hospital, dived on wrecks, lived though the war as a teenager…the list could go on!

Between us we have met almost every member of the Royal family including one member who was nearly run over by Prince Philip (it wasn’t a happy encounter!) The list of famous people we have encountered would take far too long to type up but they come from every walk of life from politicians, famous gardeners ,TV and film stars to an almost endless list of pop stars. Adam Faith almost caused one adoring member to have a fainting fit. For a WI we are well acquainted with the rich and famous.

We could easily compile a musical ensemble of mainly pianos with some brass, violins, handbells accompanied by percussion and guitars. Most ladies added “played badly” but I am sure they are being self deprecating.

Breakfast foods came top of the “if you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life” question … anything involving an egg, followed closely by sea food and hats off to the member who could exist on lobster daily.

We are sporty too – mostly tennis, hockey, badminton, keep fit, walking and some cycling.

So it was an interesting and enjoyable exercise that just shows that we have a variety of talents and experiences that we have kept hidden…we need to celebrate what a fabulous group of women we are and get to know each other better.

For those who were unable to attend last month’s meeting there were other questions but it would take too long to type up the responses. I can tell you though that you missed a treat!

I have to say that I now cannot get this song out of my head – my husband is sick of hearing me sing it I think.


Eileen Mann & Christine Harrop


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