April 2019 Newsletter

WI Centenary Tree

Welcome to the April edition of our monthly newsletter.  We have certainly had some very spring-like weather of late.

Some of us  travelled to London on March 22nd to visit the Houses of Parliament for a private, conducted tour. What an amazing building.  I think the thing that struck us all was that we expected the House of Commons and the House of Lords to be much bigger than they actually are.  Certainly on television they look bigger. All I can say is that if you ever have the opportunity to have a tour then you should jump at the chance. Thank you Dee, as ever, for your fabulous organisational skills.

We were due to visit Ardley Recycling Centre on Monday morning May 20th. Unfortunately we have been let down by Ardley but Dee has managed to arrange a visit to  Ettington Recycling Centre.  Ettington is another  modern recycling centre and this is where our Tysoe rubbish and recycling finds it’s way after it has left your house. We will still travelling by mini bus at £6 each, but now this will include a visit to Monkey Bean Cafe on way home for tea or coffee included in the price. Time to be confirmed. Payment for this trip and Coventry walking history tour on Sunday 23rd June (£16), is required at next weeks meeting please.
Your  payments for the group evening on 22nd May (£8) and group trip to Highclere  (£18.50) on 16th July are also needed on Wednesday so don’t forget your purses and cheque books.
 Other events that we are  in the process of organising are: a willow weaving workshop, a make up and skin care demonstration, possibly another a coach trip and hopefully a theatre trip.  Details will follow soon.
The annual Tysoe Open Gardens, as part of the National Garden Scheme, will be taking place on June 1st and 2nd and I’m sure Liz will soon be asking us to use our baking skills to feed the hungry hordes, and for other help.
The speaker at our meeting on Wednesday 4th April will be Deborah Goodwin from “White Hyacinth”.  It is always a pleasure  to be able to welcome a local speaker.
The competition will be to bake something Easter themed so that gives you a wide scope and we look forward to seeing your offerings.
Don’t forget the Flower of the Month competition too.  I may have misled you last month and I apologise.  The rules is that it is a single stem, but obviously as many flowers as are on that stem, be it one flower or more.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 4th April at 7.30pm.
Christine Harrop – Secretary

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