A Sneak Peek


Thank you for checking into our page today.

As you know we have been extremely busy making poppies for the Festival of Remembrance in St Mary’s Church, Tysoe which takes place from November 6th to November 19th.

We recently held an evening craft session so that those who were unable to attend our afternoon sessions could still be part of the poppy making extravaganza. In a couple of hours we made around 250 poppies – as well as having a lot of fun and tea and biscuits too. These have joined the rest of our stash of over 2,000 poppies! And they are still coming in!!

You have already seen the picture from the local newspaper; now just to give you an idea of what else you will see when you visit the church (and I definitely mean “when”not “if”!!) here are a couple more pictures.

WWI 003 WWI 001

Oh now come on!  You didn’t really expect me to give away our secrets did you? This was just to whet your appetite and give you a little idea of what you might expect to see. You will need to visit the exhibition for yourself and prepare to be amazed … lol! Why not pop along to our coffee morning on Saturday 10th November between 11am and 3pm?

See you then – and be sure to invite your family and friends!





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