September Newsletter


Welcome to our Newsletter and I apologise for my tardiness.  My life has been rather busy of late, but here it is at last.

In contrast September was rather a quiet month for us, although we did have a very successful Cheese and Wine Tasting evening. If you haven’t already done so please checkout the blog post which you can find by clicking on this link here.  A profit of £77 was raised so thank you to Roma Payne and Clare Cooper for their hard work.

We would like to thank everybody who took part in the survey. It has brought up some very interesting things and we will be processing the information and will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you remember as part of our Centenary Celebrations we pledged to donate 100 items to a local food bank.  Since we have more than fifty  members we are asking everybody to donate two items. Your donation does not necessarily have to be food since toiletries such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste are also needed.  I realise  this is very short notice but if possible could you bring your donations to the meeting on Wednesday? You may also drop them off at the Village Hall from 2pm – 4pm on Wednesday afternoon, until 11th October.

Following on from our very successful decorating of the church Christmas tree last year another one of our Centenary Celebrations is to organise a Christmas Tree Festival in the church. We will of course be decorating the main tree, as we did last year, when we received a great deal of praise for our work, but the Craft and Laugh group  will also be decorating an “alternative” tree.  Our plan is to construct a tree from lampshade frames and if you have any lampshades lurking in your loft that are looking for a new home we would really appreciate you passing them on.  These can also be dropped off at the Village Hall on Wednesday afternoons. You are also welcome to help us with this, even if you are not part of the craft group. You may remember that there was a Christmas Tree Festival about three years ago (not organised by WI) and we are hoping to surpass that successful event.

We will be serving morning coffee and mince pies on Saturday 9th December and afternoon tea and mince pies on  Saturday  16th December when the church will be open for the trees to be admired.  If you are able to bake some mince pies it will be much appreciated. Please speak to one of the committee.

Only two flyers from WFWI this time.  The first is the Serious Science Lecture at Leamington Baptist Church on Tuesday 27th February and the subject is “Forensic Science …..down and dirty!” Cost £8 and closing date Thursday 30th November. This event is open to mambers and their guests. Get your dancing shoes ready for the second one which is Appalachian Clog Dancing!Y ou will see a demonstration and then learn the basic steps. This will take place in Napton Village Hall on Saturday 10th February. Cost is £7 and open only to members. Closing date Thursday 30th November.

Unfortunately we have been let down by our original speaker this month but at short notice an alternate speaker has been found.  More information on the new topic can be found on the blog by clicking on this link The Golden Years Of Television. 

The  competition was originally designed to match the speaker and it is to make a household item using essential oils eg lavender bag, bath oil, candle etc. but it doesn’t really matter.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.



Christine Harrop – Secretary


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