The Golden Years of Television

Tysoe Golden Years Small

The subject of our October meeting may come as a surprise to some of you who were looking forward to The Little Soap Company.  Sadly we have been let down.  However, at very short notice we now have a completely different speaker and the topic, as you can see, is “The Golden Years Of Television”.

How many times have we said “There’s never anything on television”, or maybe “They don’t seem to make television programmes as they used to”.  Well this is a golden opportunity to see how different things are these days from the programmes of yesterday.

The competition is to make a household item using essential oils eg lavender bag, candle, soap etc. Obviously this was designed with our previous speaker in mind but a competition is still a competition and we are not always able to match up topic and competition so bring along your entries.

We look forward to seeing  you all on Wednesday 4th October at 7:30 pm for a glass of wine prior to our speaker, Dale Le Vack, letting us have the benefit of his experience.



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